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About Us

If you ever wanted to know where we came from and how this awesome business got started, well you are in the right spot.  Check out our story below.

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Our Story

Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards was started in 2013 by owner and musician Kenny Marine and his Wife, Toni Marine. Kenny had been making his own pedalboards for years and after a vacation trip to Nashville, Tn interest was sparked to build them for other people. Kenny had seen a handmade pedalboard in a suitcase and thought “I can make that better and more affordable”. The idea was to make pedalboards for other guitar players with that handmade, rustic feel that were affordable, looked great, and were very functional.

“The Brown” which was a medium size pedalboard was born in 2013. We started selling our boards in December 2013. All pedalboards that followed would be modeled in some way from “The Brown” original model.

Since that time KYHBPB has created many great boards such as The Hot Box , The Duck Tape Board, The Hot Box Double Decker, The Brown Classic, The Rough Rider Models, The Blaze, The Barn Burner, and many other custom pedalboards for our clients. Not only has KYHBPB created handmade wooden pedalboards for guitar players and bass guitar players, but they started making accessories.

Among our great accessory products we started making Picks, Pick Boxes, Wedge Amp Stands, Guitar Wall Hangers, and Stomp Risers. We have many music accessory products to choose from and many to fit your individual style. From our love of music and home life we created Ky Hot Brown Homegoods in 2016. These are products for the home, play and of course all handmade out of wood. We are the real deal folks, not some SUPER HUGE corporation. We work for a living.

Our goal has always remained simple with everything…to build finished, functional, and affordable products and works of art. Our wood products are 100% handmade in the U.S.A. We cut, assemble, sand, and stain or burn all of our unique products then pass them on to you. Our designs have kept up with the rustic look of a time long forgotten. We wanted to make something different than other companies. If you want functionality along with beauty, then we definitely have a product for you. “We can make you something custom, something cool, and something you can afford…for sure”.