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Darth Skippy The Machine is an all around Musician, Songwriter, Snynthwave Artist, Digital Artist, Digital Designer, & Photographer. For over 25 years he has been playing live music, recording, creating artwork, running a local business and been a part of the local Louisville, Kentucky music scene.  If you live in Louisville you have most likely rubbed elbows with him and not even known it.  Check out all of the awesome things that he is into.


About Me

Darth Skippy was born in July of 1976.  He has been a Sci-Fi geek for most of his life.  growing up he didn't have any brothers or sisters, so he had to use his imagination.  His parents divorced when he was six years old, so being creative was a must and helped him cope with everything that was going on.

Being that kind of weird geeky kid, he also got into weird and unusual music as well as becoming a proficient multi-instrumentalist.  D.S. played in multiple bands as a drummer, bass player, guitar player, keyboard player, or whatever was needed at the time.  He played in bands throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area, and was involved in the creation of a Hardcore Band "The Four Rose Society" in the budding 1980's / 1990's hardcore scene in Louisville KY and surrounding area.  He has been in bands or played with so many musicians throughout his musical career.

He has loved music and Sci-Fi for almost the same amount of time.  So naturally in the 2000's he started a Sci-Fi Rock Band called Clowncar with a good friend and fellow musician Derek C.  Derek is also the person who gave him the nickname of "Skippy".  Derek and DS played together in bands together before the formation of Clowncar and would go on to play together in that project for almost six years.  They had songs about episodes of Star Trek, Darth Vader, Planet of the Apes, Alien Abduction, West World, and whatever else they could think of.  D.S. was the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist and one of the main songwriters.

During this time he was writing and recording electronic and synth wave instrumental music under the "Skippy The Machine" alter ego.  It was a way for him to get some creative release through his own instrumentals.  He has been a HUGE fan of and influenced by John Carpenter, Vince Dicola, Harold Faltermeyer, and many of the 80's synth sound artists for a very long time.  That is where D.S.'s music style came from and continues to be influenced by today.

Once Clowncar wrapped up, D.S. started focusing on his own music and releasing tracks, singles, and a couple of albums.  His style is rooted in Synth Wave, but is heavily influenced by Rock, Pop, Metal, and many other genres.

He eventually added the "Darth" prefix to Skippy.  Being a HUGE Star Wars fan it only seemed natural.  So from that point on "Darth Skippy The Machine" was born and here to stay.  He has turned his music, love of Sci-Fi, and Star Wars into a thriving personality, business, and career.  D.S. creates apparel, merch, accessories, artwork and other designs for his website.  They are all here for you to check out.  Take some time and look around at all he has to offer. 
“Thank you for taking the time to read this little blurb about me and who I am.  I really appreciate it.”

Darth Skippy

About Darth Skippy
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